Monday, March 29, 2010

Using the French negation ne .... ni

The French negatation ne....., has very different modes in which it is used! This negatation is a very common and unique negation to use in the langauge.

However, the meanings of the negatation ne.... means in the english language:not... neither... nor; not... nor ....nor

I. First ne... ni can be used in verbs

Example I.

Je ne manage ni boire ni parler pendant le diner

I didn't eat nor drink nor speak during dinner.

Example II.

Je ne lis ni écrire ni faire mes devoirs

I didn't read nor write nor do my homework.

Example III. Using the verb savoir

Les enfants ne savent ni lire ni écrire.

The children doesn't know how to read nor write

French word(Comment)- means how in english

Whenever one uses the verb savoir, it important to use in the langauge, but never put french word (comment) to interfere with using ne ... ni ... ni!

II. The negation can be used with an definite articles

Note: Definite articles are- la, le, l', les

Example I.

Vous ne mangez ni les bonbons ni les oranges

You don't eat neither candy nor oranges.

Example II.

Elle ne crois ni la déclaration ni le décision de cette personne.

She doesn't believe neither the statements nor the decision of that person.


  1. A lot of mistakes, here...

    "Je ne manage ni boire ni parler pendant le diner"
    manage -> mange
    diner -> dîner

    "Je ne lis ni écrire ni faire mes devoirs"
    -> Je ne lis ni écris ni fais mes devoirs (it sounds strange...)

    1. Yeah, that second mistake you corrected... it was right before you corrected it...

      However; I do agree that there are several mistakes.

  2. I agree, you have a lot of mistakes.

    "You don't eat neither candy nor oranges"
    ^^ That sentence has a double negative
    -> You eat neither candy nor oranges
    OR -> You don't eat candy and oranges

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  4. Comemnt introuduit ça avec < >
    1.Nous n'avons reçu aucune lettre, aucun fax, aucun appel téléphone.
    2.Il n'y a pas de pommes, pas de poires, pas de raisins.
    3.Il n'était pas présent à la réception, le directeur, non plus.
    4.Ce n'est pas autorisé, ce n'est pas toléré non plus.
    Introduisez, SVP !


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