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Hello everyone! I have started to come back with this blog and I am in the mist of redoing it! It's been a long time since I have been on here! I am going to start back on this blog very soon! With people who wants questions or help, or they need tutoring or want to learn from in the my local area where I can teach them! I wil be back soon!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

French interrogative pronouns- qui vs. que

In the French language, we have noticed the interogative pronouns concerning qui and que! The both of them mean different things in the French language!

The pronoun (qui) is always used to link to a verb in a sentence!
Qui- (who)

Example: Qui est cette personne!?

Note- qui is the pronoun, which (est) is the congutated verb of etre.

Example two: The pronoun (qui) is also used to go after an indefinite or definite article, or the name of a person, but always links with a verb!

1.C'est marcelle qui parle en anglais.

That's marcelle who speaks in english.

marcelle is the name of a person, parle ( is the conguated verb of parler).

2. C'est la directeur qui eseigne le musique.

That's the director who teaches music.

Note: La- is a definite article; among with the noun ( director). Qui is linked to the conguated verb of eseigner.

The pronoun (Que) can be used with articles such as definite or indefinite articles, but is rarely used with verbs! Too, it can link to 1,2,3rd persons such as je, vous, il, elle, nous, elles, ils!

Example 1

Je sais que vous allez au magsin.

I know that you are going to the store!

Note: que: is the pronoun, it's linked to the 2 person plural (Vous)!

Example 2

Nous croyons que les livres sont sur la table!

We believe that the books are on the table!

Note: que- is linking to a definite article! Next, (les) is the definite article, which ( livres) is the plural noun!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Are you as a begginner using translating websites

This blog is going to be very different, which one has seen previously of grammar explanations of the french language! I felt to write on this subject! This is translating websites in any language! This is for people who don't know much, or beginning to learn about any foreign language

There are so many people using translating websites, which is the quickest way to write out a translation!! Some translation sites can be way off in what they give! Usually, some people who don't know much about that particular langauge, that's the quickest option is to use a translating site! There is a downside to it because most people who are beginners are not aware about some translation sites!

Most translation sites can be way off! For example, let's use the verb get in english, which we know that the verb ( get) is used at lot in different forms and expressions! Let's use an example of a english sentence to translate in the french langauge!

English: You don't get it!

Now, the above sentence is what a begginner or a person who knows some will go to one of the translation website! Usually, that person will get this sentence converted into french.

Vous ne l'obtenez pas:

Note: obtenez: conguated verb of (obtenir) in french

The beginner or the person who knows some about the french language or another a langauge will believe from one of translation sites is correct! As the sentence above, it is incorrect! The correct translation will be from english to french

From english: You don't get it!

To French : Vous ne comprenez pas

Most begginers who learn a foreign, or know little about a foriegn language will go faster to a translating website rather asking a fluent or native person! In my opinion, it's best to go to an advanced,fluent, or native speak who is extremely good translating! Don't get me wrong, most fluent,advanced, or native speakers sometimes aren't sure about a translation, but they always go ask another fluent or native speak who is better than them at translating, or to confirm if the translation is correct! This is a sign that they want to get the translation right because they know usually it doesn't sound right while trying to translate the sentence!

Short word to those who are begginers

If those who are starting to learn a foriegn language!Before trying to go to translating sites, It's important to learn and speak enough of that language!In addition,it's necessary to ask other people who are fluent or native speakers to translate a sentence that you are curious to know about!

One might ask me the question! am I trying to bash translating sites?! Not at all, but I am saying is that it would not be recommended for the begginer, or those who aren't very fimilar with the language! The reason because they have not taught everything about grammar rules of that foreign langauge! They could get easily mislead! Then time a beginner give the sentence to a fluent or native speakers, they wouldn't understand, or they would recognize that begginner is trying to say something,but don't know what it is!

My ecouragement to beginners, or those who are not fimilar with another langauge! Be careful!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Expessions with the verb faire part II

As said earlier, we have used the verb faire! Therefore, it is more expressions with this popular french verb!

Used in add numbers in French

Deux et Deux font quatre = two and two equals four!

Note: font= always means equals in this sentence!

To ask a question

Qu'est-ce que Vous faites?

What are you doing? -OR - What are you making?

Couple of other expressions

Faire de la sociologie - to study sociology

Vous faites de la sociologie- You study sociology

Faire une faute- to make an error or mistake

Nous faisions une faute
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